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As published in Electronic Design Magazine, a flexible approach is available to help OEMs get a WiPow-enabled product to the production stage. It’s time to cut the cord.

Wireless-Power Devices: Solutions Beyond Cell Phones - Jerry Twomey

The IEEE perspective on wireless power, electromagnetic safety and efficiency questions. This is a "must read" if you are considering a wireless power system. WiPow overcomes the efficiency and safety concerns outlined here.

A Critical Look at Wireless Power - David Schneider

Medical devices must comply with a complicated maze of regulations. WiPow devices are designed from the start to meet these requirements.

Know Your Regulations Before You Design Medical Electronics – Jerry Twomey

Electromagnetic energy is part of any wireless system. WiPow devices are designed to meet FCC emissions standards.

Quiet Down To Meet FCC Emissions Standards – Jerry Twomey

Wireless power is not a new concept.

Nikola Tesla's Idea of Wireless Transmission of Electrical Energy

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