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Introduce Wireless Charging in Other Environments

WiPow systems are a great solution for many applications and devices where a power cord gets in the way, manual plugging/unplugging is a problem, or the environment cannot tolerate electromechanical connections. Consider WiPow for the following…

Computers on Wheels

Mobile computer workstations of many forms are fast becoming part of the workplace. Generally, these systems use robust battery systems to accommodate extended time away from charging sources. But, they do need charging during their downtime periods. WiPow devices provide high-current charging capability to minimize downtime. And, by eliminating the power cord with a WiPow system, the workstation is ready to "Grab-N-Go."

Airborne Vehicles • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles • Delivery Drones

For any of these devices to operate without human intervention, they need the ability to replenish their power systems. Often they do not have the special capability to accurately target a power plug or perform a precise landing on an electrical connection. Because WiPow systems are alignment tolerant, these devices can more easily accomplish a “close enough” landing on a Power Pad.

Heavy Mechanical Use

When a plug-in and plug-out scenario repeats multiple times, electrical connections invariably fail. Heavy use situations mandate special plugs, a replacement and maintenance schedule, or a WiPow system to completely eliminate mechanical failure and maintenance visits.

Clean Room Environments

Complete hermetic sealing of devices is easily accomplished with WiPow technology. It’s the best solution for clean rooms and other controlled environments.

Hostile, Underwater and High-Moisture Environments

Electrical issues in these environments include:

  • Corrosion of contacts
  • Spark arcing of electrical contacts
  • Hermetic sealing required for high-moisture environments (IP-68)
  • Leakage current problems
  • Destructive electrolysis concerns

A WiPow system can transfer energy and avoid all of these issues!

Machines in Motion

WiPow is not only for powering up mobile devices, but also designed for machines that have internal motion, or where wired connections are impractical.

A WiPow system for power in these machines costs less than implementing linear or rotary electrical interconnects with high flex wire looms and support structures. Fewer parts. Lower costs. And better reliability. You’ll get it all with a WiPow system.

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