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WiPow Group Calls for Corporate Members to Promote Common Standards in Wireless Power Transfer

The WiPow Group, a coalition for wireless power charging of devices, is seeking corporate members to help converge on compatible wireless power transfer standards for mobile medical devices, personal mobility devices and mobile robotic devices.

Jerry Twomey, CTO of the WiPow Group and an electronics veteran who deals with device compatibility and standardization, does not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. According to Twomey, “Converging on a common standard will allow easy adoption and widespread use. Technology is full of examples of incompatible devices fighting for the market. In these industries, getting the major players involved in the process up front will avoid a war over format and standards. A person confined to an electric wheelchair should not become the victim of competing standards.”

The WiPow Group is soliciting corporate member participation to work together on a common standard for wheeled mobile devices such as medical instruments, powered wheelchairs, personal mobility scooters, and mobile robotic devices. Twomey adds, "Wireless power is the way of the future, only if it can be accomplished with high efficiency while being both reliable and safe to use. For mobile medical instruments and personal mobility devices there is strong motivation to eliminate the power cord for safety, sanitation, and self-sufficiency. In robotics, a method of battery charging is needed that is rugged, simple and doesn’t require extremely accurate alignment. WiPow solves these issues.”

Corporate members willing to participate in the dialog and work toward common standards are asked to contact Mr. Twomey at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The WiPow Advantage for Medical Devices

Never plug a power cord into a medical cart again.
Improve safety by eliminating the tripping hazards of power cords.
Deploy a medical instrument rapidly without needing to unplug/replug.
Reduce physical contact with non-sanitary and non-sterile items.
Reduce or eliminate cross contamination.

The WiPow Advantage for Healthcare Staff

Safer equipment use with no plugging in, no tangled cords, no buttons to push.
Easy placement on the Power Pad without fussy alignment requirements.
Faster deployment of charged medical equipment and devices, with a "Grab-N-Go" capability.
Saves time and money by reducing contamination problems.
Always know equipment is charged and ready to use.
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