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Make the Medical Environment Safer and Easier to Navigate

A typical hospital setting includes a multitude of electronic devices—some fixed in location—but many others being frequently moved. Most of these devices become a tangled web of power cords, lost power plugs, and frequent tripping hazards.

Eliminate Power Cords From Medical Environments

Eliminating the power cord in a medical device setting provides big improvements in device safety by removing tripping hazards and reducing cross contamination. The simple "Grab-N-Go" of a WiPow-enabled system allows for quick deployment in an emergency situation. And, the use of a roll-on, roll-off charging hot spot keeps devices in a ready-to-use state.

Reduce Medical Staff Sanitation Problems

In the medical and hospital environment, as soon as a healthcare provider has to go down to the floor for a power cord, sanitation protocol requires that they strip their gloves and rewash their hands. Eliminating power cords allows nurses more time to focus on patient care instead of dealing with unsanitary power cords that have been dragged across the floor countless times.

Reduce Tripping Hazards

Tripping over power cords that are plugged into the wall is a safety concern. With frequently moved medical instruments there is no good way to safely place a power cord without creating a tripping hazard. Now you can promote the benefits of removing tripping hazards to hospital administrators concerned with workplace accident liability and lawsuit issues.

Quickly and Easily Charge for "Grab-N-Go" Convenience

Powering a medical instrument with a WiPow system provides cordless freedom and enhanced mobility. In this example, the device uses power storage in the base. When not in use, the device is rolled on top of a Power Pad© for charging. Other than positioning the device on the power pad, no other interaction is needed.

For hospital environments that don’t allow for anything to be placed on the floor, the Power Port© charging method is available. Like the Power Pad, no power cord is required. Instead of the charging device being on the floor, the Power Port is mounted to a wall. The mobile device just needs to be placed next to the Power Port and the WiPow system does the rest.

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The WiPow Advantage for Medical Devices

Never plug a power cord into a medical cart again.
Improve safety by eliminating the tripping hazards of power cords.
Deploy a medical instrument rapidly without needing to unplug/replug.
Reduce physical contact with non-sanitary and non-sterile items.
Reduce or eliminate cross contamination.

The WiPow Advantage for Healthcare Staff

Safer equipment use with no plugging in, no tangled cords, no buttons to push.
Easy placement on the Power Pad without fussy alignment requirements.
Faster deployment of charged medical equipment and devices, with a "Grab-N-Go" capability.
Saves time and money by reducing contamination problems.
Always know equipment is charged and ready to use.
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