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Is this a Wireless Power Consortium (Xi, “Chee”) or Alliance for Wireless Power (Rezence) Compliant Design?

  • No, Xi/Rezence compliant designs are limited to low power, 5W systems.
  • WiPow devices are designed for 50W to 300W systems.
  • Xi/Rezence devices require placing handheld electronics on a charging pad.
  • WiPow technology is for wheeled/mobile devices.

What does the user do to charge a device?

  • Roll the device on top of the Power Pad or next to the Power Port.
  • The device starts charging, and a green light turns on to indicate this.
  • WiPow devices are simple to operate.

What does the user do to take a device and use it?

  • "Grab-N-Go" means simply roll the device to location and use it.
  • The green charging light will shut off and a battery status indicator will turn on.
  • The device can be used both on and off the power pad.

Will WiPow systems clear FCC Emissions requirements?

  • Yes. The frequencies chosen to do WiPow charging were selected so that RF emissions are not a problem and will easily meet FCC restrictions.

What about other regulatory and safety requirements?

  • The WiPow group recognizes the importance of regulatory compliance.
  • WiPow enabled devices are intended for commercial production.
  • Electrical safety, isolation and electromagnetic energy limitations were key elements of the design process.
  • Meeting UL 2738, IEC 61010-1, and IEC 60601-1 were addressed in the initial technology development.
  • Downstream compliance of final products will not be an issue.
  • Your product category may have unique regulatory issues.
  • The WiPow group can help navigate the issues associated with your product.

In our hospital, nothing is allowed on the floor, can we still use a WiPow device?

  • The Power Port© method is wall mounted.
  • Nothing is on the floor.
  • The mobile device is placed next to the Power Port and the WiPow system does the rest.

How “fussy” is alignment of the mobile cart to the Power Pad?

  • WiPow devices are designed to tolerate alignment errors.
  • If the device is moved off center by a large amount the power transfer reduces.
  • The Power Pad will successfully charge at full rate when off-center by as much as 4 inches (10 cm).
  • Alignment is not critical for the Power Pad.
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