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Do You Want a WiPow-Enabled Device?

WiPow systems are developed for use inside of a manufacturer’s product. A manufacturer of a medical device, mobility scooter, or other device works with the WiPow group to integrate the wireless power system into their device. That ensures the device meets all safety and regulatory requirements.

WiPow is not presently an add-on or aftermarket option.

Manufacturers and OEMs:

The WiPow group is here to help you integrate a cordless strategy into your products. Beyond the convenience benefits, power cord elimination will be a distinctive marketing feature of your devices. Our market research shows WiPow charging will quickly become a “must have” feature as soon as initial product offerings are available in your market segment. Do you want to lead the market or play catch up?

Mobility Device Users:

If you use a mobility scooter or powered wheelchair and would like to have the freedom that a WiPow system provides, please contact your mobility vendor and ask them to produce devices with WiPow onboard. Being able to easily keep your wheels powered without outside help is important. And WiPow keeps you moving.

Healthcare Professionals:

Our surveys of nurses and other healthcare professionals have clearly shown how the power connection is a burden and a safety hazard. You can help make the change to a safer care environment. If you deal with medical devices that could benefit from a WiPow system, make your medical device vendor aware of your needs and point them in our direction. Make cutting the cord a metaphor for the entire hospital - not just the maternity section.

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