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Compliant. User Friendly. Cost Effective.

WiPow devices use electromagnetic coupling, also known as induction coupling techniques.

The WiPow group has an extensive background in electromagnetic, and medical device product development. Reliable and robust designs were a top priority in the development of WiPow technology. Special efforts were made to develop a system that is compliant with regulatory requirements, user friendly, and cost effective.

This includes:

Power drivers that optimize efficiency
Techniques to minimize expensive tuning circuitry
Spectral limitations to meet emissions regulations
Magnetic field shaping to improve efficiency
Circuit and electromagnetic techniques to improve tolerance to alignment errors
Non-linear circuit techniques for power efficiency
Methods of magnetic field containment for a medical environment

WiPow devices are designed with the demanding regulatory compliance of medical devices in mind.

Please contact us to sign a non-disclosure agreement and we will be happy to discuss our technology and patent filings.

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