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The WiPow Group

The WiPow group was organized to provide custom wireless power solutions for OEMs. To provide a complete turnkey solution, design and manufacturing capability in electronics, electromagnetics, and mechanical devices is needed.

The needs and capabilities of the OEM drive WiPow participation. We can easily handle end-to-end product development, manufacturing, and regulatory compliance qualification—or provide just the intellectual property and reference designs for the wireless power system of your product.

A flexible approach to helping OEMs get a WiPow-enabled product to production is available.

Effective Electrons, led by Jerry Twomey, is responsible for the design and development of the electromagnetic and power electronics for WiPow systems.

D&K Engineering, led by Scott Dennis and Alex Kunczynski, provides support services in electromechanical design, prototype builds, and production manufacturing.

Nemko provides needed regulatory testing for final product qualification of all WiPow-enabled designs. Nemko is internationally recognized as a regulatory certification facility for electromechanical and medical devices.

WiPow Technology

WiPow devices use electromagnetic coupling, also known as induction coupling techniques.

The WiPow group has an extensive background in electromagnetic, and medical device product development. Reliable and robust designs were a top priority in the development of WiPow technology. Special efforts were made to develop a system that is compliant with regulatory requirements, user friendly, and cost effective.

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WiPow Wireless Power Solutions
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