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WiPow Provides Wireless Charging for Mobile Devices

Wireless Charging For Mobile Devices

Charging a mobile device with a power cord just isn’t practical sometimes. Power cords on medical instruments, mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs, and service robots create safety hazards and are inconvenient.

Now you can power your products with WiPow© wireless power technology.

WiPow power transfer technology provides a fully-integrated, wireless power system for electronic devices that is efficient, reliable and safe to use. WiPow’s patent-pending methods provide you with over 300 watts of power, cost-effective implementation, and complete regulatory compliance.

Pull the plug in your product designs and discover how WiPow truly makes your products mobile.


Get 80-97% power transfer efficiency.
Use power only when a device is charging.

Continuously monitor power and battery status.
Ensure industrial and medical design quality standards.
Eliminate mechanical connections that wear, corrode or contaminate.

Comply with FCC, UL, IEC 60601-1, IEC 61010, ICNIRP and IEEE-ICES regulations for electromagnetic safety.
Eliminate safety concerns using localized electromagnetic power.
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